heviz1Hévíz, the source of life


Hévíz is famous for its care, safety, hospitality and the rich cultural life of the whole year.

The full range of therapeutic services complemented the colorful and varied programs, including the yearly organized jazz and street festival, wine festival, Eger harvest festival, the Adventist fair, the most famous events of the most popular among guests. Library, movie theatergallery, local history museum await visitors. Temporary and permanent exhibitions can be used by painters, wood carvers and folk artists.

Popular attraction is the villa dating from the early Emperor in the town of Egregy, which can be visited from 2001 onwards and from September 2004. Honorably renowned is the city’s newly built church, the representative town hall and sports center, the renewed Streets Street and the Rose Garden complex

Hévízi Gyógytó (thermal lake)

Hévíz lies at the north-western tip of Lake Balaton. The settlement is one of the best known bathing resorts in Hungary. Here lies the world’s largest hot water, biologically active, natural source, which rejuvenates both body and soul.

The 4.4 hectare lake with a depth of 38 meters is fed by a source of sulfur, radium and mineral material, which thanks to its abundant water flow, completely replaces the water within 85 hours.

The tens of thousands of years old medicinal water and medicinal mud from the Pannonian Sea, together with the complex physiotherapeutic treatments, are suitable for the treatment of all rheumatic and locomotor disorders. The temperature of the water reaches 23-25 ​​° C in winter, and in summer it reaches 33-36 ° C.

The limpid, floating feeling in the water, the rocking lotus and the lush crown of the trees calm the nervous system, and together they represent the psychic element of healing. In winter, a steam cap is formed on the surface of the lake, which prevents the cooling of the water, but a natural inhalatorium is formed

Its specialty is enhanced by the unparalleled natural sight that welcomes visitors: glittering water in the middle of the park, the watercolor layer and Indian red fairy roses that can be found everywhere in the whole lake. Around the lake there are deciduous swamp facies that enhance their uniqueness.

Festetics Fürdőház (Festetics Bath House)

With the focus of prevention efforts, the Festetics Bath House opened in 2010. The new part of the building offers a four-star hotel-level service: the three-storey inn offers a wellness area (sauna, steam bath, ice bath, salt cave, swimming pools), modern hospitality areas and a therapeutic department (hydrotherapy, massage, beauty salon, sludge treatment, motion therapy).

Terápia Centrum (Fedett fürdő) / Therapy Center (Indoor Bath)

In the Schulhof Promenade building, Indoor Bath or Winter Bath. The spa center in the hospital area, which provides indoor bathing facilities, can of course be used by city guests at any time of the year. The number of indoor pools is 9 (healing pool, weight bath, adventure bath, gymnastics pool, whirlpool), water temperature: 32-37 ° C.