About us

The guesthouse offers a homely, familiar and relaxed environment for those who seeking relaxation.
There are different sized suites, each containing one, two and three rooms.
The rooms are equipped with LED TVs.
The pension is pet friendly, so you can relax with your pet.
There is also a wellness area with jacuzzi and sauna. We serve a friendly wine cellar for those wishing to drink wine as well. In the garden there are a pond and sun loungers for those who are not looking for Lake Hévíz or the shore of Lake Balaton but only for a little sunshine.
We are looking forward to our future guests!

Lakosztály nagyszoba 4.kicsi

Ground floor suites
Two bedrooms with double bed and sofa bed.
Maximum capacity: 4 person

Lakosztály 6 sz. kisebb

Suite with terrace
two-bedroom suites with a terrace.
Maximum capacity: 6 person

Lakosztály erkéllyel nagyszobakicsi

Suite with balcony 
two bedrooms, a balcony
Maximum capacity: 4 person


Single room. 
Single room with cable TV, fridge, shower room.
Maximum capacity: 1  person

Kétszemélyes sz.kicsi

Double Room 
Room with double bed, shower room with en suite bathroom.
Maximum capacity: 2 person

Kétszemélyes erkélyes-kicsi

Double room with balcony
Room with double bed, balcony, shower bathroom.
Maximum capacity: 2 person